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I'm a Graphic Designer and Animator living in the North West of England.


I create 2d and 3d designs of many varieties including animated logos and branding, virtual reality sequences, digital screen replacement, 3d camera tracking, floor plans and data visualisation.


With my experienced knowledge of 3d software I can utilise techniques that are usually only seen within film and cinema to heighten the visual impact of designs and to breathe some life into still images and branding.


Working in 3d and combining it with 2d software like Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign or After Effects opens up many different avenues to take a project with an aim to stand from the crowd.

Experience and Achievements:

Marketing experience working in the gaming industry for Cloud Imperium Games creating social media  promotional images, motion graphics for youtube videos, animations for recruitment videos and layout design for the monthly subscriber magazine.


Freelance graphic design experience in logo design, exhibition branding, 3d Fly-through videos, 3d concept image creation and visual effects work in camera tracking and matching survey data.

Past clients including Stockport College and Nell and the Bees florists.

Degree 1st Class BA(Hons) in Graphic Art and Design. 


Work experience with the BBC designing props for children's TV programme 'So Awkward'.


Design for Stephen Hawkins 'A Brief History of Time' for penguin books was shortlisted to be published. I was among 10 other designers who were shortlisted nationwide.


High Peak, Derbyshire

Previous clients include:

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