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High quality photo-realistic images and animations created by an experienced 3D artist and motion graphic designer enabling clients to 'pre-visualise' products, marketing, point of sale, architecture, home extensions, floor plans or event plans before they become a reality.

Your design ideas, concepts or event plans are modelled within 3D software utilising any measurements and survey data provided to create precise visual replicas - which are then textured before light effects and ambience are added to the scene for heightened realism.

The result is an image or animation that trials the look, mood and feel of a vision before committing time and money to the project. Also, once created, the models dimensions, colour and position can be adjusted for any simple modifications or amendments that could be required to the design or image.

Depending on your requirements, the images can be taken even further - rendered and  developed into Virtual Reality sequences.

VR gives you the ability to place yourself, or possible clients directly within the 3D scene.


Professional freelancer situated in Knutsford, South Manchester.

Industry experience working in 3D Visual Effects and creating Motion Graphics Animations.

1st Class Degree education in Graphic Art & Design, past work and deep knowledge of logo and branding design as well as creating images and props for the BBC.

Browse the links below to view other creative services available and to gain more information on my background in design.


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If you would like to discuss a project or have any queries - please feel free to get in touch.


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